Happy Summer; Gearing up for Fall

Hello everyone!

We are in mid summer but I am gearing up for the fall. I have taken a hiatus on Literary Career Moves and The POV Lounge. I haven’t did much reading his summer but I have traveled and I have been reading. I took a vacation to give myself a break from the literary world but I haven’t gotten much of a break. The months have been busy for me and I hardly have a down week. Maybe one or two days a week where I’m pretty lazy. Always on Sunday and maybe a Friday night.

Anyway, I wanted to drop in and give everyone a little info on what’s new and what to expect from me this fall. First and foremost, “Concealed Betrayal” My anticipated 8th book will be hitting stores on October 4th. If you read “Love’s Deception” you were able to get a little sample of what’s to come. So far, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from “Love’s Deception” and excitement about “Concealed Betrayal” Thank you to everyone that has chosen “Love’s Deception” to be their book of the summer. Keep the reviews coming!

I got a litte behind on my events for the summer (shakng my head; this is not something I teach my mentees) Anywho, I did get through my Book Giveaway. I gave away two copies of “Love’s Deception” I will do another giveaway with “Concealed Betrayal” Please be patient with me. Coming next are the sample chapters of “Concealed Betayal” I’m pushing for mid August, beginning of September. I am also pushing to get “Love’s Deception” in the ibooks store. Again, please be patient with me.

A few people wanted to know when I will be accepting clients again through Literary Career Moves. The answer to that question is probably mid August. I’m a mother 🙂 school is starting soon, so I must prepare my Diva for the next grade. Give me a little time. I am however accepting general author questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or on this website or Literary Career Moves to ask your questions. I never turn away my literary friends.

So, that about sums it up. Keep up with me on facebook. I talk to everyone that talks to me 🙂 Sign up for my newsletters. See you on Facebook!

Enjoy the rest of your July!

Until next time,

My Pen and I



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