Meet the Characters; Concealed Betrayal

Good Mornig!

It’s the last day of “Meet the Characters”

Candace “Candy” Mitchell, T.J. Mitchell, Travis Mitchell & Cayla Mitchell

Candace also known as Candy is sixteen, the oldest of Tina and Calvin. She’s dating a boy too old for her and her mother can’t seem to get through to her. She’s not at all concerned about school. She has major attitude and talks back to her mother the majority of the time.

T.J. is the second oldest to the couple and he is thirteen years old.

Travis, is nine and Cayla, the baby is five with Auburn Hair like her mother.

The three youngest children do notplay a major role int he story. Candy plays a big part in the story and has her own little issues going on. I believe any female can relate to Candy when they were sixteen.

Other characters you will meet in the book:

Joan Harrison, Tina’s Mother

Mr. Keith, Calvin’s mother’s friend

Divina, Tina’s best friend

Eugene, Candy’s boyfriend

Vernell Young…??? (He plays a key role in the book but I just can’t reveal who he is. Gotta wait until October 4th to see)

In my opinion, “Concealed Betrayal” is my best book yet. I have not written a book like this before, nor have I ever touched on these delicate subjects in my work. I think every person that reads this book will be in awe and will be able to relate. I bring the house down with this work. I can confidently say that. I am proud of what I did with this book and can not wait for you to read it.

Leave me some feedback! Ask away!

“Concealed Betrayal” is on its way! October 4th.

Next I will be releasing the Book Trailer and the sample chapters!

-My Pen and I



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