Meet the Character; Concealed Betrayal (Tina Mitchell)

We’re meeting the Characters of “Concealed Betrayal” this week. Today, meet Tina Mitchell

37. 5’4 in height. Long Auburn hair. Stay at home mother of four children. Wanted to be an Interior Designer but her husband, Calvin, wanted her to stay home and raise their children. Tina is a strong woman that loves her family but has lost the strength of her husband to keep everything together. Her husband has recently lost his mother and he doesn’t know how to cope with it. Tina also, doesn’t know how to comfort her husband through this rough time. Longing for the man he used to be, she looks for comfort elsewhere.

Tina is an only child to Joan Harrison.

October 4th, 2013 “Concealed Betrayal” Meet Tina Mitchell the woman that brings hell into her marriage and family.

Author’s thoughts on the characters.

Tina will be te most hated character in my book. She’s relateable. She’s a mother, a wife, stays home to tend to her house just like any housewife. But she gets caught up and does some wrong things to good people. For this, my readers will not like her. But they’ll love her in the end. I think she’s a strong character. One I’ve built easily. The readers will love this book and the drama it brings!

-My Pen and I



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