What’s New? Let me Tell you!

Have you taken a moment to view the cover for the new book? What do you think? I think this is my best book yet. The inspiration, the drama, many will be able to relate to this book and I’m so happy to be able to deliver such great work to my readers.

I’ve got a lot of things coming up in the next few months. I plan to release character profiles of the new characters you will meet in “Concealed Betrayal” I will be releasing the first few chapters of the book soon and I will be giving away copies of “Love’s Deception”. I’ve got a lot to bring you all!

I am in the middle of one book that has not be worked on in a while. I don’t know but the juice for it is not there. But soon I’m going to have to force myself to get into the mix of this book. Simply because it needs to get done and I cannot put it off any longer.

I posted on my facebook page that I dreamed about another book. So this week I am going to get in my office and get my writer juices flowing on both of these books.

Anyway, some may have been wondering what’s down the line for me concerning my books. After” Concealed Betrayal” I will publish the follow up book “Caramel Mix”. Then it might be time for another poetry book but that depends on if I’m ready to release the third volume of my “Tension Reliever” Series. I do want to re release “Too Much Untold” and “Truthfully Untold” because around that time I will be releasing the third book in the series. I’ve got a lot going on. Nothing is set in stone yet but, ride with me guys! I promise to bring you my best work everytime!

Until Next Time,



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