Read a Snippet of “Concealed Betrayal”


Alright so a couple of my fans on Facebbok are itching for “Concealed Betrayal” I got the manuscript back today from my editor and I ran across a really good scene in the book.

Here’s a little background: Tina Mitchell has a secret that only she and two other people know about. At this point in the story, the readers have been told what that secret is. Meanwhile, her daughter is going through issues she never thought she’d experience this young in her life. Tina and Calvin are having a discussion in the family’s den. Check it out:

“Glad you finally decided to come home,” she told her husband. Calvin looked tired; like he hadn’t slept for days. “Had to clear my head.”

“Can we talk now?”

“Let’s talk.” Calvin followed Tina to the den. They closed the door to get a little privacy. He threw his keys on the coffee table and turned to his wife. “So…”

“So we need to talk about Candy. What are we going to do?”

“Tina, I don’t want her here.”

“Calvin, I’m not putting my daughter out. She needs us. I think we need to talk to Eugene and his family.”

“I don’t have time to talk to that boy’s family. My concern is my daughter. I think she done got beside herself these last couple of months.”

“How would you know? You ain’t been around. You don’t talk to us. You ignore us. You haven’t helped me raise these children. You just come in here and isolate yourself. Now you wanna come in here and lay orders. I don’t think so.” Tina was hot with her husband. When she needed him he was nowhere to be found. Now he wants to lay down rules. Tina wasn’t having that.

“What? Neither have you. You ain’t been here either. I might not talk to you but I notice that your mind is somewhere else. You aren’t here with your family. You didn’t lose a family member so what’s going on with you Tina? Huh? Why have you been so distant with your family?” Tina got quiet. She had no idea that Calvin was noticing that her attention had been elsewhere the last few months.

“Maybe we need some time apart.”

October 4th…maybe sooner!

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One thought on “Read a Snippet of “Concealed Betrayal”

  1. I think while Calvin mourns the lost of his mother, his wife is mourning the lost of her husbands’ lack of concern for his responsibilities. Two hearts are torn apart possibly three. I am wondering if Calvin walk out will his absence cause him to lose everything? I think the title speaks loud and clear that if there is “no pain, there is no gain.” The snippet reads like a winner. Hurry October 4th, I am tired of guessing.

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