A New Book? Definitely!

Good Morning!

After taking a few days off from being an author, I finally picked up my pen again or should I say I finally started typing on these keys lol. I had to get in my office today because I had tons of emails to get through. I have not actually worked at all this week. I’ve been slacking.

A few days ago, I got this great idea for a book. So today, I got out my iPad and went to an app that helps me create or organize should I say my books. So I started putting together a few characters. Thinking about a few scenarios for the book. Normally I do not write anything until I’ve gotten at least half way through the outline. I didn’t even do that lol. I opened my laptop and wrote the first page. Not bad! My main character is a man. That’s all I’m going to say for now. I have never written a book around a man so this will be interesting. I really need to finish the first book in my Scarlett Fry series. Hopefully I’ll be moved by the pen again and will pick up where I left off. I’m just at the part where the readers are about to figure out who the killer is…anywho 🙂

Maybe tomorrow or Monday, I will be able to release the Book Trailer of “Concealed Betrayal” Excited!

In the meantime, I simply want to say THANK YOU to every person that follows me and all that I do. I appreciate all of the support and I hope you know that I try to bring my best with every book!

Concealed Betrayal…..in about a week…or two!

Until next time,

-My Pen and I




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