Happy Hump Day…I’m working on my first Short Story!

Hello readers,

I’m having an exhausting day. I workout at least 4-5 times a week and today is my rest day. I got the chance to read as many books as I could. (If you follow me on goodreads you know that I’m reading like 6 books at one time ) lol crazy. Anyway…

I got the idea to write an ebook short story. I have about three books in my head already so I’m thinking mmmmm. Maybe I should do an ebook/short story. Should be fun. It’s funny that the idea comes to me two days before my NanoWriMo challenge.

So today I’m going to spend a little time getting my ideas together and put together an ebook. I want to release it by the end of the year.

Stay tuned…

Also, I was featured today! Check it out and leave a comment. Be sure to leave reviews on amazon if you have read the book. It really helps us authors to know what our readers think and reviews help book sells. So whether you hated it or loved it, let me know!

Check out my feature

-My Pen and I


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