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Good Afternoon Readers!

I promised a blog so here it goes. I’ve been writing all morning. My new series “Behind Closed Doors” is underway. I sent Caramel Mix off to the editor last Friday so I have cleared up a lot of space on my things to do.

I am almost finished with book one in this series. My goal is to have it done by December 1st but I’m really pushing for a Thanksgiving deadline so I can cook and eat good with nothing on my mind. I am also getting the cover together. I will have a book cover and synopsis release in December some time.

I want to thank all of you who have purchased my books. THANK YOU. I see the book sales and I have to say wow! You guys are the best. Thank you for continuing to support me.

A few of my readers are eager to get their hands on another book. This is why I am publishing my books back to back. I’ve never done this before so I wanted to try something new. The first book in the “Behind Closed Doors” series will be released in March or April. I don’t normally publish a book right after I write but like I said I am doing something new this time around. After book one will come book two and then…we’ll see!

Anyway, Caramel Mix is due in stores in January. A date? I don’t have one. That will depend on when I get the book back from the editor.

So as soon as I know you will know.

In the meantime, please, please, please go leave a review for Concealed Betrayal. If you have read the book, let me know what you think. I am also trying to give away two copies of my books so let me see you so I can get it to you!

I did an interview this morning as well. As soon as it’s posted, I will get the link to you guys so you can read it!

Thanks again now go leave a review!!!

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NaNoWriMo: I’m writing! Caramel Mix is on the way!

Good Morning Readers!

Today is the day! NaNoWriMo. So how many of you are participating? This is my first time participating in this and my first day of writing. So far I am at 1397 words. I’m going to try to knock out about 2 more chapters. I started on my outline last night but did not get the chance to complete it. Today, when I’m done writing, I will complete it.

I tell my clients DO NOT write this way lol but here I am doing what I tell them not to do. But I am going to fix all of that and come tomorrow, I will be on track with my outline.

The book I am working on…I’m not ready to reveal. There are about three people who actual know what this book will be about. I will say, this one is coming in 2014. Right after Caramel Mix. Speaking of Caramel Mix…

This is the follow up to Concealed Betrayal. So you must read Concealed Betrayal first, before you read Caramel Mix. Caramel Mix will be released in January 2014. I plan to send it off to the editor next Friday. Then I will be working on the cover.

The Cover and synopsis release will be at the beginning of December. Right now I do not have dates, I’m simply writing. So bare with me. The good news is that you will get two books from me in 2014. Back to back!

Have a fabulous Friday! Be sure to get your copy of Concealed Betrayal! I’m giving away free copies of Caramel Mix soon and in order to get the free copy you will have had to have┬áread Concealed Betrayal! Get yours today!

-My Pen and I