Concealed Betrayal Part 2 Giveaway!

concealed-betrayal-part-2-front-cover.jpgHello Readers!!!

Today I am starting a campaign for Concealed Betrayal Part 2. The official release date is January 24th. I am giving away THREE FREE copies of the new book on the day the book is released.

Follows the rules for the giveaway and enter your name:

Dominique is giving away three copies of her upcoming book to be released January 24th.

• Reader must purchase a copy of Concealed Betrayal Part 1 and show receipt for purchase (If you purchased the book weeks/months ago, go to manage kindle on and take a screen shot of your book list where Concealed Betrayal is listed. Be sure the date of purchase, name of book and author name shows)

• Be able to tell the name of Tina’s best friend and the hotel Vernell stayed in

Email the answers and your receipt to

Dominique will pick three winners and announce them on her Blog.

Giveaway Entry dates: January 15th-January 23rd 


Leave your thoughts!

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