Today’s Struggle is Tomorrow’s Success!

Happy Thursday Readers!

I don’t have important news to tell but, I wanted to take a moment to stop in and send a little encouragement your way. I have been a published author for ten years and in about three months I will release my tenth book. In a few weeks I will be turning thirty and I must say I am in love with these numbers. They show change and progression and change and progression is always good. I’m not one to be stagnant so I embrace all change that comes my way.

I will tell you that it has been a hard journey for me. I’ve struggled to be as successful as I am and I have a lot more to do.  I haven’t always gotten the help I needed to get where I am. A lot of authors and publishers have turned their backs on me when I needed help but here I am making things happen and in the back of my mind I’m screaming, I really didn’t need you.

Whatever it is that you are going through, first things first, God never gives us more than we can handle. Never! Every situation is brought to us with a lesson inside of it. Find it! Second, whatever your dreams are, do not allow one set back to make you quit. There is nothing in this life that is handed to us easily. We must fight, struggle, cry and fight some more to get to the place we are seeking. Don’t ever give up or give in. Third, believe in yourself. Don’t worry about what people say or think of you. You are your worst critic and I’d rather compete within myself than the next person because the next person is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I am my business.

I have a life to live that only I can live. Focus! on yourself and what you want for yourself. Grind it out day in and day out and promise you…you will be successful!

Today I have reached levels that people told me I couldn’t do without them. I am making things happen for my literary career as a self published author. Key word…self. Don’t let anyone feed you a load of crap! Be able to comb through the BS. You have the ability to reach greatness! Once you claim it…it’s all yours!

Until Next Time

My Pen and I



3 thoughts on “Today’s Struggle is Tomorrow’s Success!

  1. This message is very inspirational. I’m an aspiring writer. It started in my childhood and pen and paper is something I’ve never been able to part with. It’s mainly short stories that I post on my blog. But, lately I’ve been looking into self publishing, and I think I’m ready. Fear has stopped me too long. And as you said I am my own worst critic. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. As an aspiring writer I thank you for sharing this bit of encouragement. I hope to self publish really soon. I’ve also been my own worst critic. I’ve allowed fear to stop far too long. I blog for myself, to keep writing on the forefront. It’s still my first love. Again, thanks for sharing these words of encouragement.


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