Author of the Year Nomination and Book Release News!

Hello Readers!!

I am super busy today so I just wanted to stop in and spread a little news if you haven’t heard about it already on Facebook. I was nominated for the AAMBC Author of Year Award!!! I am so very excited about this.

Many may not know but I used to run a magazine a few years ago called “From A Writer’s POV” and it won Magazine of the Year in 2007 but, this time I am getting a little shine by myself as an author. I am very excited. Tomorrow, AAMBC will be posting links for people to vote for the nominees.  I will be posting the link here and everywhere for you all to vote so be on the look out. Be sure to share the posts and emails to your friends and family so they can vote too.

A few quick dates for the release of The Ultimate Double Cross:

March 7th is the Cover Release

March 10th-March 14th I will be posting the Character Profiles right here on my blog

March 19th-March 21st The Ultimate Double Cross Giveaway

March 21st The Ultimate Double Cross Release

Big things happening!

I will post the link to vote tomorrow!

Thanks for the support!

-My Pen and I



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