Cover and Synopsis Release for The Ultimate Double Cross

Happy Friday!!!!!

Today is the day I am revealing the cover of my upcoming book “The Ultimate Double Cross” I wanna know your thoughts about the cover of this one and I’m really, really excited because with this book. I’ve stepped outside of the box. It’s a little different, lots of drama and tons of surprises. So I know my readers will be very pleased.

About the Book:

Ultimate Double Cross CoverDemetrius Baker is what most women would call a male whore. The wealthy divorce lawyer sleeps with all of his clients and isn’t ashamed of what he does. He’s successful, sexy, and works wonders in the bedroom.

However, Demetrius holds a deep, dark secret that no one would suspect. Just when he gets comfortable living his double life, things begin to explode right before his eyes. Situations are set in motion that he has no control over and he must weather the coming storm.

Will Demetrius lose it all? Can he keep his secret and continue his dangerous life? Find out in “The Ultimate Double Cross,” a new, fast-paced, shocking, page-turning series.

Coming March 21st, 2014



Be sure to leave me tons of comments and feedback. The book drops on March 21st, 2014. I am doing a giveaway two days before the release so be on the lookout for that and next week you all will meet the characters in the upcoming series.

Until Next Time,

-My Pen and I



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