The Ultimate Double Cross; Character Introductions, Demetrius Baker

Good morning!

Ultimate Double Cross CoverSo this week I am doing short profiles on my characters from the upcoming series Secrets & Deception. The first book, The Ultimate Double Cross” comes out on March 21st. I can’t reveal much about the characters because it will give away too many of the surprises in the book.

So today I am introducing you all to my main character, Demetrius Baker.

This is my first time having a man as my main character and throughout the three books he will remain the main character introducing new characters and getting a closer look at smaller characters.

Demetrius Baker is a divorce lawyer who sleeps with all of his women clients but that is only half of it. He’s got tons of secrets going on. Demetrius thinks that no one knows his secrets but there’s one person who’s paying attention for their own good.

In the first chapter, readers will learn about one of Demetrius situations and then a few chapters later, you learn about another one. But, Demetrius gets a little sloppy and his world starts to fall apart. In the end, readers and Demetrius are hit with a big BOOM that will make readers hate me but love me šŸ™‚

I’m really excited for you all to get to know Demetrius and some of the ladies may even fall in love with him!

Get ready for a fast paced ride because The Ultimate Double Cross is a page turning book you will not be able to put down!

Coming March 21st!

Until Next Time,

-My Pen and I



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