The Ultimate Double Cross; Character Introductions, Keri

Good Morning!!!

Ultimate Double Cross CoverIt’s day two of my character introductions. Today I am talking about Keri. Now, there’s not much I can say about her because she is apart of a secret and has a few of her own. Keri is married, I can’t reveal who she’s married to but you will find out in the book, quickly. She has an eight year old DIVA daughter name K’Nye.

I love Keri. I picture her as a short fire cracker. She works in Human Resources at a local hospital and drives a Jag.

I think a lot of my readers especially the women are going to hate Keri. But I love her. I’m sorry. She really takes no mess from anyone but at the same time, she’s human. So I can’t wait to get the reactions of Keri from my readers.

She’s coming March 21st!!!!!! Get ready!

Until Next Time,

-My Pen and I



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