The Ultimate Double Cross; Character Profiles, Chase

Good Morning,

Ultimate Double Cross CoverToday is the last day in my introductions of The Ultimate Double Cross book. Today I am talking about Chase.

Readers will not really read about him until further into the book. He is introduced but readers won’t know how important he is in book 1, 2, & 3 until a few chapters into the book.

I will say that Chase is one of Demetrius’ good friends. They work at the same Law Firm and hang out together with their other friend Lance. Chase has a lot going on in this book and gets caught up along side Demetrius throughout book one and two.

I picture Chase tall with a great sense of style.

The Ultimate Double Cross is coming March 21st.

So before I go I am opening up my blog for questions about my books, characters whatever you wanna ask. Post it below and I’ll answer here and on Facebook.

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-My Pen and I



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