The Ultimate Revenge Cover and Synopsis Release

Hello Readers!!

Surprise, Surprise! The Ultimate Revenge is on its way. I didn’t promote that I was going to release my cover today. I’ve never released any of my books back to back so everything has been rushed, everything except the writing and editing. I will provide a product that’s of good quality.

I am super excited about this series. The Ultimate Revenge is book two in the series and next month, I will drop book three. This series is filled with drama and betrayal and I love it!

I am working on getting this series on Amazon. I had to fix somethings since I am now my own distributor. Right now, things have been working in my favor and you should see the Ultimate Double Cross on Amazon really soon. (then I will be able to take a DEEP breathe and let it out easily lol)

Ok, enough of all of that here’s the synopsis and here’s the cover. Please, please, please let me know what you think. Your feedback means a lot to me.

About the Book

The Ultimate Revenge picks up right where The Ultimate Double Cross left off, Keri reveals to her husband the ultimate double cross. After spending months struggling with his own secret, Demetrius’ wife reveals her own deceit in the heat of the moment and everybody’s lives are turned upside down.

When Keri lays divorce on the table, Demetrius isn’t having it. He wants his wife back by any means necessary; that is, until he finds out how deep this deceit is.

Revenge and backstabbing causes relationships to get shaky and Demetrius finds himself crossed by the most unlikely source ending with an even bigger dilemma.

The story continues in The Ultimate Revenge.

The Ultimate Revenge Cover












Until Next Time,

-My Pen and I



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