The Ultimate Double Cross Updates

me.jpgHello Readers!

If you didn’t know, The Ultimate Double Cross was released last Friday, September 19th. It was a surprising early release. If you didn’t know about the release, be sure to check out The Ultimate Double Cross on Amazon here.

Although the book was released last Friday, it is only available on some platforms. It is in the Pre-Order stage for Nook. Also, you will see two different prices for the book. That is because this is a re-release. I took the book back to the drawing board for  more editing and proofreading. When downloading, be sure to pay attention to the October 4th release date. This is the new version.

I’ve also received emails and phone calls about the cliffhanger of The Ultimate Double Cross. Yes, there will be a Book 2 and yes it’s on the way. It is currently with the editor and should have a release date of no later than November 1st.

I truly appreciate everyone that is following the new characters and story lines. There are currently three books in this series. It’s gets better with each release!

Until Next Time,

~My Pen and I



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