My books are on SALE!

Hello Readers!

I wanted to let you all know that Concealed Betrayal, Concealed Betrayal Part 2 and Love’s Deception will be on sale for the entire weekend. I know many of you have read all three books. If not, take advantage of the sale and/or share with a friend.

You can go to my page on amazon to download all three books here.

New on other books:

The Ultimate Revenge, the follow-up to The Ultimate Double Cross will be available right after Thanksgiving. There is no specific date yet. But you will have this book on your devices no later than December.

Also, I am working on a few books, my first mystery and suspense novel is with the editor so, I am working on the second book. I’m also at the last few chapters in Concealed Betrayal 3 which is titled, Harmony. I’m looking for a release date of early 2015.  Along with the last book in the Ultimate Double Cross Series. This series will turn into a paperback once all three books are published for all of my paperback lovers.

In the meantime, go download my last three books that are on sale this weekend and be sure to tell a friend!

Until Next Time,

-My Pen and I



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