I’ve Released TWO Books Today!

Hello Readers!

Yes you read the title right. I have released two books today.  I told you all a while back that I was re-releasing my first two books, Inspire Me Young and How to Keep God in your Life. Today I released them exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format for $1.99. I am in the process of getting the rights back to all of my books and earlier in the year I found out that these two books were out of print and I was able to re-release them.

I have three other books that I will be gaining the rights to in the next two years and I’m excited about all of those. It’s a wonderful feeling having your babies back where they belong. I’ve grown so much in this industry and if I knew then what I know now, I never would have published with someone else who was not at the literary level that I am trying to achieve.

So I hope that you will continue to support me in my career and download a copy of each book. They are both $1.99 on Amazon. Download them today!

Both books can be seen here! Click the covers!

Inspire Me Young New Cover












How to Keep God in your Life New Cover











Until Next Time,

-My Pen and I



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