The Ultimate Revenge Released Today!

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20140403-061703.jpgFor all of my Pre-Order Fans, have you received your copy of The Ultimate Revenge? It released today! I’m so excited. I hope all of you are too. If you did not Pre-Order it, you can go ahead and download it right now!

If you are behind, no worries. The Ultimate Double Cross is a quick read and can be downloaded here.

I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about this book!


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Pre-Order The Ultimate Revenge!

Hello readers!!

Today The Ultimate Revenge is available to Pre-Order. The official release date is November 18th. This is the follow up to The Ultimate Double Cross. I am so excited about this book and the great news is that the third and final installment in this series will come in December. I’ve already gotten the book back from my editor. So no waiting! All I have to do is format and send it through.

This series will also be in paperback. One book for all three books in ebook and paperback coming to you around Christmas. Once I get The Ultimate Revenge published, I will have dates for you.

If you haven’t read The Ultimate Double Cross, do so by downloading it here.

Check out the synopsis for The Ultimate Revenge

20140403-061703.jpgThe Ultimate Revenge picks up right where The Ultimate Double Cross left off, Keri reveals to her husband the ultimate double cross. After spending months struggling with his own secret, Demetrius’ wife reveals her own deceit in the heat of the moment and everybody’s lives are turned upside down.

When Keri lays divorce on the table, Demetrius isn’t having it. He wants his wife back by any means necessary; that is, until he finds out how deep this deceit is.

Revenge and backstabbing causes relationships to get shaky and Demetrius finds himself crossed by the most unlikely source ending with an even bigger dilemma.

The story continues in The Ultimate Revenge

Coming November 18th!

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