I’m giving away FREE books :-)

Good Morning Readers!

Today is my birthday and of course I’m celebrating it by giving back to my readers and fans.

If you haven’t seen it on my twitter account or facebook page, I am giving away FIVE ebooks. I have released, since 2004, eleven books and working on my twelfth baby as we speak. So today I am giving the first five people to sign up for my newsletters a chance to  receive one of my books in ebook format for free! All you have to do is sign up for my newsletters. When I get the notification, I will contact you about getting the book you have chosen right over to you.

Very easy!

So sign up for my newsletters today! http://www.author-dominiquelwatson.com/media-pr

Also, if you didn’t know, I can now sign ebooks. There’s a site called authorgraph which I love. As a reader, I think it’s amazing to be able to receive something like this from your favorite author. I have a page on the website and you click all or one of my books for me to sign. Check it out and get your ebook signed! https://www.authorgraph.com/authors/almondeyesdiva

In the meantime, Concealed Betrayal three is DONE! It will be released this year. The release date was set for May but, with some great news I received recently, I’ve had to push it back. Once all the dust settles, I will give you an official date. I have 2-3 other books I’m looking to release before the Christmas holiday!

Stick with me!

Thanks for the support. Sign up for newsletters and get your ebook signed!

Until Next Time,

My Pen and I



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