NEW RELEASE; Murder for Justice

Hello Readers!!!

Murder for Justice is finally here. If you did not Pre Order, that’s alright because today you can download and read your copy of Murder for Justice. It’s also available in paperback.

Here’s the synopsis if you haven’t read about the book:

12092151_896236473798019_493588114_nKendall Harris never thought this would be his last 4th of July he’d celebrate with his daughter.

San Diego Homicide Detective Scarlett Fry is called to a home in the middle of the night on 4th of July. What awaits her is a brutal killing that causes everyone to be a suspect, but something doesn’t seem right. With a lot of motive and little evidence, Scarlett is up against one of the most twisted killers in her career.

She and her partner, Trey Carr, spend weeks tracking down evidence to convict a killer that they are convinced is right in front of their face. Just when it seems like Scarlett has found her “man” the case takes a turn for the worst and becomes a cold case.

When her main suspect ends up dead, Scarlett and Carr are confused more than ever. They must hunt down a serial killer that’s attacking families with a motive even Scarlett can’t understand.

Murder for Justice is the first book in a page turning series that introduces readers to a fire, red head detective that will stop at nothing to protect and serve her city.

Thank you all so much for the continued support!

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