Cover Reveal & Release Date! Stalker; Scarlett Fry Series!

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Today is the day! I am revealing the cover, synopsis and release date for the next Scarlett Fry novel.

Check it out!

28342504_10156198091539413_1865843492_oA young woman finds herself in the arms of a killer.

Detective Scarlett Fry is having it rough these days. Her partner is forced to retire. Her husband is away visiting family. All of this has her not feeling like herself. All she wants to do is go home and get a break from the life of a detective. But on a rainy Wednesday night in San Diego, just as Scarlett is headed home for the night, she is greeted by a worried husband. His wife is missing. Being a Homicide Detective, Scarlett passes the case off to a colleague and goes home.

Soon Scarlett lands a case about a young woman whose body is found in a trunk. Could it be the husband’s missing wife? She’s been dead for some time. But because of the nature of the killing, no one knows who she is.

Eventually, Scarlett and her team work overtime to find out just who this woman is and what caused her life to end so suddenly.

When a case in another city seems eerily familiar, Scarlett worries she might have a serial killer on her hands.

While Scarlett seems to be working two cases, she’s not only dealing with personal issues at home but Detective Scarlett Fry finds herself on the radar of a stalker. Things couldn’t be more hectic but Scarlett Fry is determined to bring this woman’s killer to justice even if someone from her past is determined to see her dead.

This is the fourth book in the Scarlett Fry series.

Pre Ordering starts on March 20th

Release date is March 27th!

If you haven’t started this series, here is the series order. All books are on Kindle Unlimited!

Murder for Justice


Cabin on the Lake

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$.99 Weekend Book Sale!

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This weekend I am running a sale on a few of my books. They are $.99 until Monday at midnight. If you don’t have these books in your collection, go ahead and add them! There’s a book from each one of my series.

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Concealed Betrayal





The Ultimate Art of Revenge

Ebook Outline

The Ultimate Payback


Win a FREE copy of The Cabin on the Lake

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the cabin on the lake first conceptWho doesn’t love a free book!!!

I am running a giveaway on Amazon. If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Cabin on the Lake, enter to win a free copy.

All of the information is here. Follow the directions and you are all set.

If you enter to win, let me know. Tweet me on Twitter @DLWatson_DMP

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NanoWriMo is here!!!

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Dominique Watson HeadshotSorry I missed the first day in #NanoWriMo but I am here and I am participating. I am writing a chapter a day in my next book which will be the sixth book in the Concealed Betrayal Series.

Did you all get a chance to pick up The Cabin on the Lake? Please be sure to leave me a review and let me know what you think. I loved writing that book. I love Scarlett. Her next release is coming in March. She’s about half way done.

But I decided to write a book surrounded by the holidays so I decided to get into Harmony and Zora. So far so good. It will be my book of choice for #NanoWriMo.

Also, The Cabin on the Lake was book of the week a few weeks ago. Please check out the post and support.

Thank you all so much for rockin’ with me and supporting my work.

More news coming soon!

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Concealed Betrayal is back…

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Dominique Watson HeadshotWhile you all wait on the release of Scarlett Fry’s next book, I am working on my next release. I told you all that I’ve been busy. I am planning to release a sixth book in the Concealed Betrayal Series. I haven’t decided if this book will be a novella or full-length novel. But I am writing and I’m two chapters in.

I’m looking towards a Christmas release 12/26/17 to be exact so you all will have something to download once you get all of those gift cards on Christmas Day.

So far the storyline is coming along great and I feel right at home with these characters.

I will release the cover in November after Thanksgiving and Pre Order will start at the beginning, maybe mid December.

A special thank you to everyone who LOVES this series. I know I said I was ending this one at book four but I have way too many readers and fans who love these characters and I must admit I am in love too.

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Cover Reveal: The Cabin on the Lake

Hello Readers!

I know I have been MIA. I apologize, however, I have been extremely busy with Scarlett Fry and a few other writing projects. I am releasing a new book in the Scarlett Fry Series. It’s a Prequel to a new book that is coming November 14th.  This book is also a novella. So, it’s not a full-length novel. The release date is October 24th. It’s currently with the editor. Pre ordering starts on October 13th. View the cover and synopsis below.

the cabin on the lake first conceptAbout the Book: Mik, a successful business man in San Diego has done his fair share of dirt. Cutting bad deals, taking money that doesn’t belong to him, cheating people out of what belongs to them…even murder. He thinks he’s safe until he crosses the wrong person.

Scarlett Fry and her friends head up to Big Bear, California for a much-needed couples vacation.

But murder and mayhem finds its way to Big Bear when Mik is forced to protect the only thing he truly loves…his sister. Somehow, someone knows what he’s been up to and they want back what belongs to them…at any cost. Coming October 24th!

I am so very excited about Scarlett Fry. As I finished my first round of edits with this book, I am already halfway through the next book in the Scarlett Fry series, which, again, releases on November 14th. Sign up for DMP’s newsletters so you don’t miss a release! 

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Surprise New RELEASE! Concealed Betrayal; The Sequel; Harmony’s Dilemma

13549101_1631526537100783_2110430540_oAfter the series has ended, author Dominique L. Watson brings Concealed Betrayal fans a novelette that brings back some of your favorite characters.

While Zora and Vernell are happily married, Harmony is starting a new and exciting relationship with Jay. She’s gotten closer to her extended family since her father died which causes her to come face to face with their family drama.

Will Harmony be sucked right back into her families drama? How will she deal with the demands that come with a new relationship? Harmony is in for a ride as she faces another dramatic situation and a proposition she can’t refuse.

Download on Amazon today!