Concealed Betrayal 1&2 are $.99

Concealed 1 and 2 saleHello Readers!

I wanted to let you all know that Concealed Betrayal 1 & 2 ebooks are on sale for $.99 starting today and ending on March 9th. I wanna get ready for the release of Concealed Betrayal 3 which now has a release date of May 19th, 2015.

So if you haven’t read any books in the series, now is the time to get all caught up.

Head on over to Amazon and download Concealed Betrayal 1 and Concealed Betrayal 2

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Concealed Betrayal Part 2; Paperback Release

Hello Readers!!

Concealed Betrayal Part 2 Front and BackToday the Paperback of Concealed Betrayal Part 2 has been released. You can order it on Amazon. It was supposed to come out February 21st but it had to go back for some minor changes.

If you are still a paperback lover like me 🙂 you can purchase your copy here!

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New Book Trailer for Concealed Betrayal Part 2

Hello Readers!

Concealed Betrayal Release BannerToday is the day! I am releasing the Book Trailer to Concealed Betrayal Part 2. I’m very excited! Shout out to Don Savant who does ALL of my trailers and I love them. Simple and classy to get you excited for the new release.

Concealed Betrayal Part 2 will release on Friday January 24th. Don’t forget, I am giving away free copies of the book. Details can be found here.

Alright check out the trailer and tell me what you think!

View Trailer

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Concealed Betrayal Part 2 Giveaway!

concealed-betrayal-part-2-front-cover.jpgHello Readers!!!

Today I am starting a campaign for Concealed Betrayal Part 2. The official release date is January 24th. I am giving away THREE FREE copies of the new book on the day the book is released.

Follows the rules for the giveaway and enter your name:

Dominique is giving away three copies of her upcoming book to be released January 24th.

• Reader must purchase a copy of Concealed Betrayal Part 1 and show receipt for purchase (If you purchased the book weeks/months ago, go to manage kindle on and take a screen shot of your book list where Concealed Betrayal is listed. Be sure the date of purchase, name of book and author name shows)

• Be able to tell the name of Tina’s best friend and the hotel Vernell stayed in

Email the answers and your receipt to

Dominique will pick three winners and announce them on her Blog.

Giveaway Entry dates: January 15th-January 23rd 

Concealed Betrayal Part 2 Cover Release!!!

About the Book

Concealed Betrayal Part 2 Front and BackZora Young lives her life in anger and revenge. She is pissed! Her twenty-five year marriage is now over and she blames Tina. We met Zora in Concealed Betrayal when she walked into Tina’s house and slapped her for sleeping with her husband.

After years of praying and hoping her marriage would be restored, Zora’s husband Vernell serves her with divorce papers. Zora wants nothing more than to see both of them rot in hell. No one around her can have happiness.

Her college-aged son comes home with a secret and a newfound high on life, Zora, her sister and mother are dealing with the disease that is killing their father and husband. Everything that could go wrong is going wrong in Zora’s life.

Alcohol becomes her best friend as she pours out her pain in a journal. Zora doesn’t believe she has the ability to rebound from such grief. In a fateful twist of trying to help her son heal, she ends up healing herself.

Take a ride with Zora, a woman scorned, on an emotional rollercoaster in this fast-paced, Urban Christian Fiction Novel, the follow-up to Concealed Betrayal.

So what do you think? I am in love with this cover and I think I like this cover a little better than the first. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Concealed Betrayal Part One’s cover but this one ….is just HOT! 🙂

I told you guys that this book would have a different name from the one you read in the back of Concealed Betrayal Part One. The original name was  “Caramel Mix” But I have changed it to “Concealed Betrayal Part 2: Zora’s Infuriation” and yes, Zora is pissed!

Part two will be released on Kindle on January 24th! Mark you Calendars. It will be released on Paperback on February 21st.

Besides all of that, I have been extremely busy. I am launching my own company, “Diamond M’press Publications” More about that will come in a blog post later in the week.

Following Concealed Betrayal Part 2 is “The Ultimate Double Cross” It’s part of a HOT HOT series that a few people have had the honor to read and have loved! This book will come at the end of March. Hopefully sooner. This new series is a three part series and these books will drop back to back in the spring/summer of 2014.

Ok, so let me know what you think. I am eager to read your responses.

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