Concealed Betrayal 1&2 are $.99

Concealed 1 and 2 saleHello Readers!

I wanted to let you all know that Concealed Betrayal 1 & 2 ebooks are on sale for $.99 starting today and ending on March 9th. I wanna get ready for the release of Concealed Betrayal 3 which now has a release date of May 19th, 2015.

So if you haven’t read any books in the series, now is the time to get all caught up.

Head on over to Amazon and download Concealed Betrayal 1 and Concealed Betrayal 2

Be sure to leave me a review when you are finished!

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I’m giving away FREE books :-)

Good Morning Readers!

Today is my birthday and of course I’m celebrating it by giving back to my readers and fans.

If you haven’t seen it on my twitter account or facebook page, I am giving away FIVE ebooks. I have released, since 2004, eleven books and working on my twelfth baby as we speak. So today I am giving the first five people to sign up for my newsletters a chance to  receive one of my books in ebook format for free! All you have to do is sign up for my newsletters. When I get the notification, I will contact you about getting the book you have chosen right over to you.

Very easy!

So sign up for my newsletters today!

Also, if you didn’t know, I can now sign ebooks. There’s a site called authorgraph which I love. As a reader, I think it’s amazing to be able to receive something like this from your favorite author. I have a page on the website and you click all or one of my books for me to sign. Check it out and get your ebook signed!

In the meantime, Concealed Betrayal three is DONE! It will be released this year. The release date was set for May but, with some great news I received recently, I’ve had to push it back. Once all the dust settles, I will give you an official date. I have 2-3 other books I’m looking to release before the Christmas holiday!

Stick with me!

Thanks for the support. Sign up for newsletters and get your ebook signed!

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Get your e-book Autographed!

Hello Readers!

and Happy New Year!

I wanted to give you all a little bit of an update and some news. First, I am now signing ebooks. 🙂 There is a small button off to the right of the screen but you can click this link here: Request any or all of my books and I will sign them for you.

Secondly, I am finishing up Concealed Betrayal Part 3. It will be releasing early May. The Ultimate Double Cross will be featured on the website on January 28th. More details will follow in a few weeks.

I am about to shut everything down. I have a few books I need to get out by a certain time and I need to finish my first screenplay that I am writing. Very excited about 2015. So stay tuned. Thank you all for reaching out to me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I appreciate all of the support.

Now go request your author autograph 🙂

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Time to Vote!!!!! Author Dominique L. Watson as AAMBC Author of the Year

Hello Readers!!!

Today is the day to show much love for the authors, books, reviewers and more that you love. AAMBC is hosting its Literary Award Show and I have been nominated for AAMBC Author of the Year. Please take just a moment and go through the categories and vote! I know I speak for every nominee that we appreciate your support and love that you love us right back. So click the link below and vote.

The Polls close on March 6th so you only have a week to vote!

I personally thank you all for supporting me and everything I do. Be sure to share and like this blog post to let all of your friends and family know to VOTE!!


Nomination Banner

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Next Release coming soon!

Hello Readers!

Good news!! My next book “The Ultimate Double Cross” was sent to my editor, TODAY!!!! I am very excited. I have a released date around the end of March.  Cover release will be the second week of March and again I will be doing a lot of promotions and advertisements.

This past week I celebrated my birthday and Love’s Deception was on sale for three days. If you missed it, I’m sorry! But I will do it again. So be on the look out via Facebook and Twitter for my sale announcements.

The follow up to the three part Divorce Lawyer series is “The Ultimate Revenge” coming in April with the final installment, coming in May.

I’m excited about this upcoming summer. I have some great things coming your way.

Be sure to participate in the Q&A. Details can be found here!

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Q&A with Author Dominique L. Watson

Hello Readers!!

concealed-betrayal-part-2-front-cover.jpgConcealed Betrayal Part 2 Zora’s Infuriation was released last Friday on January 24th. Did you get your copy? So far I am getting tons of comments about the book and a lot of people are loving it.

I wanted to do something a little different this time around with my books. I know a lot of people have questions and comments about the book so I’ve decided to accept questions about my last three books, (Love’s Deception, Concealed Betrayal, Concealed Betrayal Part 2) Questions can be submitted here and I will be posting my answers on Facebook.

I will be accepting questions  starting today, January 27th-February 6th 2014.

My answers will be posted on Facebook February 7th at 6pm EST. So simply log on to Facebook at that time and you can view my answers as well as ask additional questions.

Some readers like to know how I created certain characters or where my storylines come from. This is your chance to ask me anything about the last three books I’ve published. I’m excited and look forward to reading the questions and answering them.

Participate in my Q&A!

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Today’s Struggle is Tomorrow’s Success!

Happy Thursday Readers!

I don’t have important news to tell but, I wanted to take a moment to stop in and send a little encouragement your way. I have been a published author for ten years and in about three months I will release my tenth book. In a few weeks I will be turning thirty and I must say I am in love with these numbers. They show change and progression and change and progression is always good. I’m not one to be stagnant so I embrace all change that comes my way.

I will tell you that it has been a hard journey for me. I’ve struggled to be as successful as I am and I have a lot more to do.  I haven’t always gotten the help I needed to get where I am. A lot of authors and publishers have turned their backs on me when I needed help but here I am making things happen and in the back of my mind I’m screaming, I really didn’t need you.

Whatever it is that you are going through, first things first, God never gives us more than we can handle. Never! Every situation is brought to us with a lesson inside of it. Find it! Second, whatever your dreams are, do not allow one set back to make you quit. There is nothing in this life that is handed to us easily. We must fight, struggle, cry and fight some more to get to the place we are seeking. Don’t ever give up or give in. Third, believe in yourself. Don’t worry about what people say or think of you. You are your worst critic and I’d rather compete within myself than the next person because the next person is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I am my business.

I have a life to live that only I can live. Focus! on yourself and what you want for yourself. Grind it out day in and day out and promise you…you will be successful!

Today I have reached levels that people told me I couldn’t do without them. I am making things happen for my literary career as a self published author. Key word…self. Don’t let anyone feed you a load of crap! Be able to comb through the BS. You have the ability to reach greatness! Once you claim it…it’s all yours!

Until Next Time

My Pen and I