Concealed Betrayal 3; Harmony

About the Book

IMG_8377Meet Harmony: the Goddaughter of Zora Young. Harmony is a single mother of two and the product of rape…

Harmony has seen many trials and tribulations but through it all and through the guidance and direction of her grandmother, she’s been able to see her way through.
At the tender age of twenty-four, Harmony is forced to take on the troubles of her mother, deal with family issues, and still be strong for her children.

Gail, Harmony’s mother, is involved with a married man. Making it very clear that Harmony doesn’t want to have anything to do with him or the situation, drama comes knocking at her door not giving her a choice.

A man from her past decides he won’t stay away causing Harmony to deal with something she promised herself she never would.
And just when things couldn’t get any worse, Harmony comes face to face with the man that destroyed her mother…her father.

Take a ride with Harmony as she learns a big lesson on forgiveness, family, and tomorrow never being promised.


Available on Amazon. Available for Paperback now!


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