The Ultimate Art of Deception

Ebook OutlineDemetrius, Keri and Monae are back for part three of the Secrets & Deception Series. Monae and Keri are both pregnant but…who’s the baby daddy?

While Demetrius is dealing with the news of being a father…again, Monae has been keeping a secret from Demetrius and everything is about to hit the fan. She’s made a deal with the Ultimate Betrayer behind Demetrius back and when he and Keri find out what’s really been going on for four years, they realize they’ve been played from the beginning.

Keri uses her nine months of pregnancy to get her life back together for the sake of her kids. While she may be pregnant, she’s taking no crap from the people she’s crossed and the ones that have crossed her.

Is this the finale of The Secrets & Deception Series?

Find out in this jaw dropping page turner to see who has created the Ultimate Art of Deception.

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